Godzilla X Kaiju Girls Origin TimelineEdit


in 1933 a film crew went to a unknown native island know as skull island there they founded prehistoric creatures and monster such as dinosaurs, but they found something amazing to them, they saw some type of giant ape that looked like giant gorilla, the attempt to capture the creature and bring it to New York after capturing it they named it "King Kong", after they bring him to New York they chain him up to show everyone of King Kong the 8th wonder of the World, but soon Kong Escapes and kidnap the girl that was part of the film crew and climb to the empire state building, there plains where attempt to shoot down kong dead, after many plains shoot the beast he fell and believe had died from the planes, but one person claim "that it was beauty killed the beast", news as spread around the world, and the government wonder if there will be more Monsters like Kong, years later report said that Skull Island Disappeared out of nor where that believe had sucked down to the depth of the Ocean....


In 1945 after War World 2, Japan was recovering after the bombing, but that bomb has awaken a unknown Kaiju that was made of Single Cells of Colony, that flew away, report said that the creature was heading to certain Islands to inhabit in, when soldiers went to kill it the creature kill half of the troops and left to another island, the creature was named "Shinomura" due of he being a swarm of death that he is made of Colony of Cells that he can make more then one of him, and that he had killed and destroy a village, one day a nuclear submarine was attack by a unknown Giant reptilian like Dinosaur Kaiju, the Creature was Names "Godzilla" or "Gojira", he was spotted hunting down the Shinomura, years has past as the 2 Kaiju was still fighting, the government planed to luring the 2 Kaiju to Odo Island to set off their weapon know as the hydrogen bomb, when the 2 kaiju fought on the island, it was reported that Shinomura was dead, but Godzilla was knocked out and went to a deep sleep, but after that exploration, a 2nd Godzilla Appeared that it was breathing some type radiation like fire breath, that they call it an "Atomic Breath", Godzilla went to japan, and attack the city, there the Japanese military was no match of this Godzilla sense he was mutated by the hydrogen bomb, everywhere he went became radioactive, one day a scientist name Dr. Serizawa created a bio weapon know as Oxygen Destroyer, it was used on the 2nd godzilla, and reduce him into bones, but Dr. Serizawa ended his life with his own weapon, for that no one not even the government should used his bio weapon... after the 2nd Godzilla Death, the government, fear if there will be more kaiju in this world, so they created "Monarch" to research on these creatures known as kaiju.

Showa era 1955-1975Edit

In 1955 a 3rd Godzilla Appeared one year later after the 2nd Godzilla death, but soon another kaiju appeared that it was another dinosaur like Kaiju almost like godzilla but more like an Ankylosaurus, he was named Anguirus, the 2 kaiju fought until the military deiced to they trap the 2 in a volcano, it work but godzilla escape, the military drew godzilla to a glacier and trap him under in the ice that will put him in a deep sleep like the 1st godzilla, Sense Monarch was meant to research kaiju then destroying them, Japan Military created the G-Force, and the United Nations Godzilla Countermeasures Center(U.N.G.C.C)to fight off other kaiju, and Godzilla, as such the Military created weapons to fight off Kaiju when they appeared, years past kaiju had appeared on japan like Varan, Rodan, a Alien robot know as Moguera, Mothra, and a 2nd King Kong was Found in some unknown island with a new Dinosaur Kaiju Named Gorosaurus, report shown there was a mecha like kong name Mechani Kong but it was destroy when it fell from Tokyo Tower, and kong as return to the island, in 1962, the 3rd Godzilla Awakened from his 8 years of Slumber, he attack japan once more, but the military deiced to used the 2nd Kong to fought off godzilla the 2 fought until they fell into the ocean and kong swim away before godzilla could finished him off, days past and reports found the 2nd Kong Dead by a a fire ground dragon named Baragon, years past as Godzilla fought other kaiju like, Mothra, Hedorah, Dogora, Gezora, Ganimes, Kamoebas, Maguma, Gabera, and the 2 Titans made of Human, and the 2nd Kong's Cell, Gaira, and Sanda, but report shows that Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra Fought against the 3 headed dragon, know as King Ghidorah, another report shows that Godzilla, and Mothra Fought the Giant Shrimp Kaiju Ebirah, the giant Mantis Kamacurasn and a giant spider Kumonga, another Report Shows that King Ghidorah had return, but with a cyborg kaiju know as Gigan that attack a team park with a giant godzilla statue, Godzilla, and a reawaken Anguirus head to the theme park to fight off King Ghidorah, and Gigan, during the fight it was turn out that the giant godzilla statue was controlling King Ghidorah, and Gigan by alien that the founded King Ghidorah flying threw space, and capture him that they can take over earth with the 2 kaiju, godzilla destroy the giant godzilla statue, that is was attempt to control godzilla, this broke the mind control on King Ghidorah, and Gigan, as they escape and went back to space, and Godzilla, and Anguirus return to the sea and disappeared, later a scientist created a mecha unit name Jet Jaguar, to fight off a beetle kaiju name Megalon, during the fight the 2nd Godzilla appeared as he was spotted fighting Gigan alone, as Megalon seem to help help gigan to destroy Godzilla, Jet Jaguar help Godzilla and managed to defeat the 2 kaiju as they retreated into space, the 2nd Godzilla, and Jet Jaguar was shown to be shaking hands as show that the 2nd Godzilla thanks Jet Jaguar for the help before the went their separate ways, in 1973 Monarch was in the urge of Being shut down, due of the lack of research and proof of kaiju to the U.S Goverment sense japan cover up of Kaiju attacking japan, one of Monarch teams went to an 2nd skull island that is protected by a storm cloud, there they founded a 3rd Kong the last of his kind, and a new kaiju named the Skull Crawlers, the island inhabit by native that was protected by Kong from the skull crawlers, and other creatures that inhabits this island to, there where some survivors who escape Skull island, and reported to Monarch, years later in 1974 an alien race Created Mechagodzila, and disguise him to look like Godzilla, with a Godzilla suit, and attack japan as Godzilla, but Anguirus realized it was not Godzilla attacking in japan as such, Anguirus atemped to attack mechagodzilla witch he did and scratch part of the suit of mechagodzilla, but received damage from mechagodzilla, Anguirus retreaded and wne to find the real Godzilla, later the real 3rd Godzilla fought the fake Godzilla, that melted his suit and show what he looked like mechagodzilla defeated Godzilla with his weapons that Godzilla needed retreated to the ocean, and recover, days later a lion, bear kaiju known in legend as King Caesar awaken and fought Mechagodzilla until Godzilla return and Him and King Caesar fought mechagodzilla and destroy him together, soon the aliens return, Rebuilt Mechagodzilla, and control a sea monster dinosaur kaiju named Titanosaurus, Godzilla fought the 2 kaiju, and broke Titanosaurus mind control by his atomic breatch that destroy the device on his head, Titanosaurus went back to the depth ocean, and return to his slumber, godzilla destroy 2nd mechagodzilla, and return to the sea, and disappeared, the Japanese military deiced to increased their defense for every sense Aliens try to invade earth.

Heisei era 1984-1998Edit

in 1984 a nuclear submarine was attack by the 3rd Godzilla that mutated him to be much larger, he attack japan again to feed on the radiation to feed on his large body, the Military created the Super X, they used the Super X to drag the 3rd Godzlla to a Volcano Mountain to trap him in the depth of the volcano, the plan worked as godzilla was trap under the depth of the volcano, after godzilla was trap a new Kaiju appeared, a Flock of Dragon Bat Kaiju know as Gyaos, and a giant turtle kaiju know as Gamera, the military have capture the Gyaos, but Gamera free the Gyaos, and kill some of the Gyaos, but 3 remain one became the Hyper Gyaos that it skin became pail, the other became the Alpha Gyaos that remain it original skin color, but grown a much large size like gamera, and the last grew too but grow a 2nd head, the 2 head Gyaos was savage and attempted to eat the the hyper and the alpha to become stronger, but Gamera arrived, and fought the 2 head Gyaos, the other 2 Gyaos escape when Gamera killed the 2 head Gyaos, Gamera went after the 2 Gyaos but lost them, in 1987, Godzilla Escape the Volcano, and encounter Gamera, Godzilla, Gamera were not Allies back then, Gamera was Created to fight out the Gyaos, and Godzilla, they Both fought fearlessly, but before the battle continue a flock of new Gyaos from another pack attempted to kill Gamera, in his weakened state, Gamera was over whelmed by them, but Godzilla attack some of the Gyaos, as Gamera breaths fire on the Gyaos as well, but there were too many Gyaos, Godzilla, and Gamera turn their bodies into a living oven that release a massive heat wave that burn, and melted the Gyaos, Godzilla, and Gamera stop and stare each other before going on their separate ways like he did with Jet Jaguar back then, in 1989, a report shows a bio plant monster was at the sea that was trying to bring Godzilla to it, so it can drain Godzilla energy, Godzilla Arrived, but the Bio Monster Failed to drain Godzilla Energy, as Godzilla destroy it, but the Bio Monster was Reborn, and giving the name Biollante, it turns out Biollante had some of the 3rd Godzilla Cells, and rose cells as well, so Godzilla fought Biollante, destroying her body, but not her heart, her heart dig underground, to rebuild her body but for many years, Godzilla Return to the Sea, but Biollante cells went into space, in 1991 a 3 head Dragon was reported, and believe to be King Ghidorah returning from space, but this King Ghidorah was different from the other King Ghidorah that attack on earth long ago, this King Ghidorah seem to protect the humans, then destroy them, an alien race explain that this King Ghidorah, was sent to earth to protect it then destroy it like his brother, the 2nd King Ghidorah was flying threw the island to make sure the 3rd Godzilla dose not plain to Attack the city, until he Spotted an Egg, and Dead Mothra, the Dead Mothra was not Killed by Godzilla, she was Killed by one of the Gyaos, that she was protecting the egg, the 2nd King Ghidorah deiced to protect the egg until it hatches, later Godzilla appeared, and saw King Ghidorah, and a Dead Mothra Godzilla Believed he killed mothra, that Godzilla was attempt to kill the 2nd King Ghidorah, but King Ghidorah explain to Godzilla of what happened, one of the Scientist from Monarch, the person Witness of how the kaiju communicating each other, so the person recorded a video the event to report to Monarch, Godzilla Understood, and waited for the egg hatch as well with the 2nd King Ghidorah, the video was send to Monarch after the person left the island, days later the Military rebuilt Mechagodzilla as Super Mechagodzilla or Mechagodzilla 2, and created a space Mecha Unit know as M.O.G.U.E.R.A. that was a rebuilt from the alien robot Moguera, and name like the same robot, Moguera went to space to discover any asteroid that can be in danger to earth, and destroy it, Godzilla Awakened and head to sea to head, under water godzilla was attacked by an unknown bug kaiju that look like Mortha's larva but with a horn, tusks, and spikes, that goes by Battra, Godzilla Fought Battra, in underwater that they fell in an underwater volcano, the 2nd King Ghidorah sense a kaiju from the sea, it was not Godzilla, or Battra, it as some type of Sea Dragon know as Dagahra, the 2nd King Ghidorah attack Dagahra from the sky, but Dagahra fly up and attack the 2nd King Ghidorah, Dagahra blasted off the middle head of the 2nd King Ghidorah, and drown him underwater, Dagahra went after the egg, but it hatch, the Mothra Larva saw Dagahra, and spray her web on Dagahra by closing his wings, and mouth, and she escape for her life, Dagahra was stuck for awhile but was free, Godzilla rise up from the sea and fought Dagahra, Godzilla defeated Dagahra, and see the Egg has hatch, when Godzilla follow where mothra went but he saw that there was a Godzilla Egg, one of the eggs was smashed, that it was another Rodan not the same one he knew, this 2nd Rodan Breaths fire that he attacked Godzilla, Godzilla Protected the Godzilla Egg until Super Mechagodzilla Arrived and fought the 2nd Rodan, after Super Mechagodzilla killed Fire Rodan, Super Mechagodzilla went after to the dead body of the 2nd King Ghidorah, and brought it to base, the egg hatch, and a Baby Godzilla was Born, Godzilla Raised the Baby Godzilla as his own son, later Battra rises from the sea, and transform into her Adult form, Mothra was in her cocoon form, as Battra was heading to the city, the 1st Rodan went to godzilla location, where he absorb the fire Rodan power, and became the new fire Rodan, Fire Rodan fly to the city as well, there he encounter Battra, and the 2 Fought each other threw the City, Mothra became an adult, and fly threw to the city to stop Rodan, and Battra, Mothra manage to stop them, 2nd King Ghidorah was Rebuilt into a cyborg know as Mecha-King Ghidorah, years later a report says that Godzilla appeared at the Pacific Ocean, and there was a 4 legged like King Ghidorah like kaiju was there fighting Godzilla, it was reported that it destroyed half of a city at yokohama, it was named Desghidorah or Death Ghidorah, Godzilla fought back, but Death Ghidorah seem too powerful but mothra fought back after report shows that there was a mothra egg at the mountains being protected by Battra, Godzilla escape to recover, but Mothra received to much damage and retreated back to her nest with battra, the egg hatch an a male mothra was born, mothra gave her last energy to her son, and past away, the Male Mothra know as Leo Mothra, when to his cocoon state, later Godzilla was Hurt and recover in the ocean, Moguera was flying thre space, until it discover a Crystal like asteroid , Moguera was gonna destroying until the Crystal asteroid attack it, and shows it was like a Godzilla Type kaiju but cover in Crystal, he damage Moguera, and head to Earth to take over on his own, Days Later Leo Mothra had became his Adult, and Godzilla was all recover, Super Mechagodzilla, and Mecha-King Ghidorah went after Death Ghidorah, and attack, but the 2 mecha unit fail to destroy death ghidorah as they received critical Damage as trey return to base for repairs, Godzilla was done recovering, but see his Son now grown bigger as little godzilla going to Spacegodzilla, Godzilla stop his son, encounter Spacegodzilla that Godzilla sense there was some Biollante cells that went to space that created him from a black hole, and Space Crystals, Spacegodzilla kidnap Godzilla Son, and Trap him in a crystal cage, Godzilla Attempted to fight Spacegodzilla, but he was defeated easily by Spacegodzilla, later report shows that Death Ghidorah was heading to the City where SpaceGodzilla landed and started making his crystal fortress, the 2 kaiju counter each other and fought each other for the rule of the city, Death Ghidorah seem strong but SpaceGodzilla was even stronger that he can able to created a blackhole and teleported death ghidorah to a field near of Mount Fuji, there Leo Mothra Fought Death Ghidorah, and defeat him, leo grab death ghidorah, and drop him the 1st place where the 3rd godzilla was trap in, leo mothra head to the 3rd Godzilla location where he was fight SpaceGodzilla, but Unit Moguera, and Super X2 a new Vehicle weapon was there helping the 3rd Godzilla fight off SpaceGodzilla, Lep attack SpaceGodzilla from behind, Super X2 destroy SpaceGodzilla Crystal shoulders, and Godzilla finished him off with an spiral atomic breath, and destroy spacegodzilla, Moguera return to base for repairs, as Leo Mothra went to space to stop an asteroid that is heading to earth, and Godzilla went back to raise his son, later in 1995 there was a report of the 3rd Godzilla Body was going nuclear, and it's about to Melt down, they Nickname him Burning Godzilla, the military send Super X, and Super X2 to stop Burning Godzilla, but he was too Powerful, and destroy the 2 Super X, the Military started to make a new Weapon to cool down Godzilla nuclear energy body, after it was done it was used on Burning Godzilla, and it worked, he was frozen for now, Later a new Kaiju appeared out of nowhere in the ocean, but it turns out the Monster was made of the Oxygen Destroyer that killed the 2nd Godzilla, it was heading to the city, and started attacking the city, the kaiju was name Destroyah, soon another Godzilla spotted, but this one seem so young, it was little Godzilla now all grown up, he is now know as Godzilla Junior, he Fought Destroyah, but he was too powerful for Godzilla Junior, Super X3 was send to stop Destroyah, Godzilla Junior escapes, but before Destroyah escape, he transform into a Flying version to escape, later Burning Godzilla was Free, but his body temperature is still rising, Godzilla Junior return to face Destroyah, but Destroyah feed on a Nucular power plant, and treansform to his final form, Destroyah was bigger then Godzilla Junior, Destroyah grabbed Godzilla Junior by the neck, he was draining Godzilla Junior energy, soon Destroyah drop Godzilla Junior to his death, Bering Godzilla went to his dying son, and try to give him, his energy but it was too late, Godzilla Junior was gone, Burning Godzilla roar in Anger, and fought Destroyah, they both fought brutally, until Burning Godzilla kill, and destroy Destroyah, Burning Godzilla is started to Melt down the Military started to freeze Burning Godzilla, it worked, but Burning Godzilla Soon Melted and died, but his energy, and life energy went to Godzilla Junior, and he was Reborn as the New Godzilla.

Millennium era 1999-2004Edit