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Bio: Absorbed the radiation and power of atomic bomb and The First Godzilla. A boy who looks like Yukito in 1954 had become the first hybrid. Shodai Yukito was the name. Like The first godzilla, He want to destroy everything and steal radiation to become more power.

Shodai Yukito hate humans for killing earth and nature. But He met a girl named Shirley Fenette and he started have feelings for her and started like humans who cared for the earth. The military was going to capture Shodai and killed Shirley. Shirley's last word to Shodai Yukito is to protect the earth. Shodai Yukito escape and hides away for 60 years. Suddenly Shodai Yukito had reawaken and met his reincarnation Yukito Ritona and other human and hybrids.


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